SERIES ONE: 5-days of coverage in the Shreveport Times, May 2016

Modern Day Slavery in Louisiana: A 5-day series about sex trafficking in the state.

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SERIES TWO: 5-days of coverage in the Shreveport Times, May 2017

A Sinister Web: A 5-day series about child pornography and other internet crimes against children in Louisiana.

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SERIES THREE:  Ongoing coverage of the Village of Clarence, Louisiana

Chaos in Louisiana town traced to mayor:  The mayor of this village, population of about 500, has ended public meetings, stopped paying elected officials while paying an ex-police officer, and left the village without a certified sewer system operator.


Parish Commissioners spent more than $440,000 on travel: 

A data-driven analysis of parish commissioners’ travel expenses over the past eight years



$1 million lost in water billing error

The City of Shreveport lost an estimated $1 million while incorrectly billing high-volume water users for almost 18 months.


Corporal punishment causes controversy among parents

Louisiana is one of 19 states that still allow corporal punishment in public schools.


Louisiana choreshildren sent out of state for psychiatric care   

Due to a lack of in-state facilities, dozens of Louisiana’s children are sent to out-of-state facilities for psychiatric care, many of which don’t have the same safety standards.


NEWS 21 National Reporting Project 2016: “America’s Weed Rush”

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Tribes wait to jump into weed rush

While marijuana advocates look to legalize in Arizona, concerns remain about medical marijuana program

Resolute parents demand marijuana treatment for children